Circuit Critter

By: Kitty Cheung, Taha Shaikh, Vivian Hsu, Anna Mathew, and Kim Phan
Course: IAT 222 Interactive Arts

Description: Circuit Critter is an interactive performance artwork. The audience during the performance (as seen in YouTube video below) consisted of students in a BB Collaborate session. Through the chat box, we sent a link to the Circuit Critter website which we built. This website consists of buttons which play sounds recorded by our teammates using household items.

We advised our audience to open this link in a new window so that they could see both our website and BB Collaborate at the same time. Users are encouraged to unmute their microphones and click on any buttons to play sounds as part of a musical performance. There is an element of chance as they will also be adding in their own sounds from background noises at home.

Each time we heard a sound that we individually recorded, each member of our team drew on the BB Collaborate white board. We improvised to connect our drawing to the sounds we heard. For example, when we heard a participant playing the clock sound, yawning sound, and typing sound, our collective drawing might turn into a sleepy human rushing to do her homework when it is nearly the deadline.

Test it our yourself here: Circuit Critter Circuit Critter.