Monster Under the Bed

By: Kitty Cheung
Course: IAT 267 Introduction to Technological Systems

Description: A grumpy monster has been lurking underneath your bed and growling all night, keeping you awake! You decide to install a hidden camera underneath your bed in order to observe the monster in action and figure out what they want.

Monster Under the Bed is an interactive technological artwork and consists of a physical model of a bed which contains an Arduino and breadboard underneath. This bed is paired with animations in the Processing window, shown in the “camera” view. At the start of the artwork, the monster growls and an ominous red light flickers from under the bed. The user is invited to reach under the bed and push a button, thereby keeping the monster company and helping to soothe their loneliness. The monster transforms into a happier and friendlier version of themself, emitting cyan light and soft mewing sounds. The user can also control the brightness of the Processing background using a potentiometer, meant to simulate day and night.