Secret Box from Secret Santa

By: Sunita Mirzada
Course: IAT 267 Introduction to Technological Systems

Description: As we approach towards the end of this year, it sparks within us a sense of appreciation, celebration, and the joy of gift exchanging upon the arrival of Christmas. The thought of giving to my loved ones this upcoming Christmas was my inspiration to build a gift box full of love and luck which I call Secret Box from Secret Santa.

Secret Box from Secret Santa is an interactive system/artwork which requires the user's active participation in order to be fully functionable. Once the user opens the box, the light sensor will be triggered and its data will be sent to the Processing which will play the song on the computer. Then dragging the mouse will rotate the Santa Claus toy (0-180 degrees) which is attached to a servo motor. Simultaneously, the picture of Santa Claus in its wagon will change position based on the mouse’s trajectory. Users can also control the speed/frequency of blinking in LEDs through an ultrasonic light sensor.