SeventyFiverr (web interface design)

By: Siyu Chen (Tim), Mike Chu
Course: IAT 334 Interface Design

Project description: SeventyFiverr is a freelancer platform designed to connect retired elders with work opportunities, and provide them with opportunitiest to contribute to society and earn additional income. On the app, elders can browse and take job request and get paid in an elder-friendly interface.

The assignment for this project was to design an application for elders 75+. Instead of focusing on ideas related to caring, such as pill reminders, exercise, and meditation apps, our team took a creative approach focusing on helping elders in poverty and in need of financial stability to regain dignity.

"True happiness is inseparable from the feeling of giving," said Alfred Adler, and we embraced this theory and determined that by making freelane work opportunities more accessible, the elderly can cover life expensives, gain feelings of dignity, and share their knowledge and experience to others.

We studied a lot of accessibility design rules and elders' interaction behaviour while iterating our design with feedback from the lab and real-world interviews.

Interactive prototype

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Process video: