Travelogger (mobile app)

Michael Tjokrowardojo, Darian Axel Sawali
Course: IAT 359 Mobile  Computing


The TraveLogger application is a mobile app developed for Android devices that allows users to track their location and total steps for any session. Our goal with this app is to help users to track and maintain their fitness level during travelling. The step counter idea is inspired by the 10,000 steps a day trend where people aim to have 10,000 steps before they end their day.

The application accesses the device’s location, step sensor, and microphone. For each session, the user starts the application to track the total steps and a polyline will be drawn on the map which tracks the user’s movements. At the end of each session, users can give a title for their session and save it to their session history to be viewed later. There are also features where users can check their surroundings using the map feature and the current weather of their location.