Paradox Rift (immersive VR)

By: Jonathan Newman, John Ordoyo, Nick Sung, Aman Singh, Oscar Waizel
Course: IAT 445 Immersive Experiences

Description: Paradox Rift is a time-bending, mind-bending VR puzzle game about portals and time travel. The user plays as an explorer in the far future, entering a spaceship that has long been abandoned.

When the user enters the spaceship a message plays:

"Hi. If you're hearing this, we're already dead."

Time rifts have started appearing throughout the ship, and it's up to the player to use these time portals to make their way to the end of the ship and change its fate.

Visit the Paradox Rift project website for more information about this project and to dowload the immersive experience:

Project website

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Still frames from Paradox Rift