Room Away From Home (App)

By: Michelle Kurniawan, Eunchae (Helena Park), and Sofia Tan
Course: IAT 334 Interface Design

Project description: Room Away From Home is an application intended for people who want to rent their place for short-term COVID-19 patients who need to quarantine safely away from their home. We came up with this idea based on our own experience of being rejected by hosts when they know that the space is being rented for quarantine purposes. Users are able to specifically isolate in a designated place safely during the pandemic period. 

This application enables the user to pick a designated place through our booking lists. The places provided are ensured to have enhanced cleaning and are suitable for quarantining. There is also a daily check-in page with a checklist that the user that will determine if they have any COVID-19 symptoms or not. Based on their answers to several sets of questions, the app will suggest next steps to the user if needed. We also have a self assessment tool that helps the user to learn more about how to check their own health and identify symptoms that are related to COVID-19. Lastly, there are activities that they can do while quarantining. The activities are suggested in order to keep the user active while quarantining in a place and stay healthy, furthermore, having interesting yet quarantine-safe activities are believed to maintain the mental health being of the user.