Growing On Me (Animation)

By: Reina Kim, Corissa Su, Evan Huang, and Minh Truong
Course: IAT 343 Animation

Project description: The purpose of the project was to demonstrate our understanding of the course material, such as animation production and MAYA software.

Below is our project implementation process:

  1. Brainstorm story & characters
  2. 3D model characters and environment using drawings as references
  3. Begin building the environment in MAYA
  4. Create basic skeleton rig for characters & weight paint
  5. Create textures for characters
  6. Finish rigging by adding controllers, blendshapes, and driven keys
  7. Finish building the environment
  8. Decide material types of the 3D character models
  9. Scene assembly and animation using reference files
  10. Render frames, VFX, and 2D assets
  11. Compile video in Premiere Pro and add sound effects

Although it was a challenging process due to COVID-19, making it difficult for the group to gather in person, we had fun working on this project and producing an animation we are proud to present.

See more about the project process:


putting the storyboard together in Adobe Premiere Pro
Character modelling
Getting the environment animation ready
Finalizing texture