SPLIT (Short Film)

By: Wesley Liu
Course: IAT 344 Moving Images

Project description: This film was created as the major final project assignment for the IAT344: Moving Images class. It will also be included in the Museum of Vancouver’s upcoming exhibition, Isolating Together, about different experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

I decided to put a comedic spin on the narrative, representing inner dialogue and struggles as personified characters. Chaos, clashing, and disagreements are all just ways to represent these inner and mental processes many of us, including myself, have gone through this past year. Intended to be enjoyed first-and-foremost, my hope is that viewers can connect with any of the characters, or even the situation itself, and reflect on the thoughts that come from that connection.

See more about the creation of the film: https://wescl15.wixsite.com/portfolio/split