ProFit (app)

By: Winkie Ng, Vincent Zhang, Christy Lam, and Vicky Lau
Course: IAT 334 Interface Design

Background: Our group, Unity, aimed to create an app that helps personal fitness trainers to adapt to the new balance between in-person and online activities during the COVID-19 pandemic. We had decided to focus our app on the fitness and health industries as our team felt that the pandemic had a significant impact on these industries and that these industries have the capacity to make a difference in fighting against COVID-19. That is why we hope that our app, ProFit, can be of service to help trainers to manage in these difficult times.

Description: ProFit is an app that lets personal trainers adapt to the shift between different modes of teaching seamlessly. It is a smart assistant that intelligently auto-generates workout plans for trainers according to their client's needs and lets trainers hold online classes with pre-set timers and easy note-taking functions. ProFit also functions as an intelligent housekeeper that helps personal trainers to collect, review, and modify workouts or client data intuitively.

Design and prototyping video: