Lloyd Carr-Harris Entrance Scholarship

Payment One:

To be eligible for your first scholarship payment, you must:

  • enroll in at least 12 SFU standard graded units in your first term;
  • be admitted to the Beedie School of Business; and
  • have final grades in the 90% range.

Payment Two, Onwards:

To be eligible for subsequent scholarship payments, you must:

  • achieve a cumulative grade point average of 3.00;
  • enroll in at least 12 SFU standard graded units; and
  • be in good academic standing.

The term tenure for the Lloyd Carr-Harris Entrance Scholarship is twelve terms (four years). That is, the payments must be claimed within twelve terms of starting your studies at SFU.

During the terms when you meet the CGPA requirements and do not register in classes, or register in less than 12 SFU standard graded units, your entrance scholarship will be deferred to a future term when you meet eligibility criteria again. Please note, your CGPA for all SFU units (even in the terms you did not receive a payment) will be reviewed when assessing your eligibility for your future entrance scholarship payments.

If your CGPA is less than 2.00, your scholarship will be permanently cancelled.

If your CGPA is 2.00-2.99, you will not be eligible for scholarship payments. Once your CGPA reaches 3.00 or higher while within the term tenure of your scholarship, your scholarship payments will resume.