Anxiety 101

This group is intended to support students experiencing generally present anxiety and stress in various areas of life.

This group is intended to support students experiencing generally present anxiety and stress in various areas of life. Basic information and resources about anxiety will be provided as well as coping strategies and support throughout the four weeks. Join anytime - contact for information.

What is it?

Anxiety 101 is an open support group where students can receive basic information and support about anxiety. Sessions will cover resources and coping strategies for anxiety.

Do I need to attend all of the sessions? 

Join for one session or for multiple sessions. You don't need to have attended any of the previous sessions.

How do I register?

To register, email Irina Della-Rossa at

Summer 2021 Schedule

June 2nd to 23rd

Monday Unavailable
Tuesday Unavailable
Wednesday 2:30 - 4:00pm
Thursday Unavailable
Friday Unavailable


Upcoming Session

About the Facilitators

Irina Della-Rossa

Predoctoral Intern

Jennifer Spence