Staying Well, Staying Committed

A psycho-educational workshop focused on reinforcing strategies to increase healthy eating habits, enjoyment of food, and self-compassion. The goal of this workshop is to strengthen our ability to stay on the path of recovery from an eating disorder.

Who is this for?

All participants must be able to self-reflect and explore their inner landscape without becoming easily overwhelmed.

This group is ideal for people who are in recovery, early stages of recovery, or highly motivated for recovery from an eating disorder.

This is not a therapy support based group. We will not be talking about the challenges of an eating disorder, instead we will be learning Acceptance and Commitment Therapy skills to affirm existing values of wellbeing.

If this workshop does not fit your needs and you would like more support with an eating disorder, contact your family physician or a Mental Health Nurse at HCS.



Wednesday, October 28


1:30 to 3:00pm


Online via Zoom