Continuing Academic Appointments

“Continuing Academic Appointments” refers to all tenured, tenure track or continuing positions of Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor, Laboratory Instructor, Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, or University Lecturer. 



Procedures for Tenure-Track Faculty Appointments

Checklist for Teaching-Research Faculty     Jul 4/18

Non-advertised Positions - Request for Approval Form    May 2/18

Recommendation for Appointment Form     Jun 20/18

Collective Agreement Articles:

Article 23: Continuing Academic Appointments

Article 24: Joint Appointments

Article 25: Modification of Appointments from Full-time to Part-Time

Article 26: Part-Time Appointments

Article 27: Research Faculty Workload

Article 28: University Criteria for Appointments, Tenure and Promotion 


Contact the Faculty Relations Advisor handling inquiries for your Faculty.