Practitioner Faculty is a category of academic appointment used for practitioners in professional fields in which the University offers academic programs and in which students will benefit from a professional perspective. Providing a vital link between the University and field of professional practice, these appointments supplement but do not replace regular tenure track appointments.

Continuing Practitioner Faculty appointments are concluded by the VPA. 

Procedures for Appointment

37.4 Advertising is not required for Practitioner Faculty appointments that arise through agency partnerships or as stipulated in Article 23.7: Non-Advertised Positions.

37.5 Demonstrated support of the unit is required for all Practitioner Faculty with appointments of more than two years.

37.6 Practitioner Faculty may be appointed at the rank of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor, based on an assessment of professional and academic achievement and experience.

37.7 The rank of Instructor applies to appointments where the faculty member is appointed prior to, but contingent on, the completion of the Ph.D. or equivalent. Otherwise, appointments of Practitioner Faculty at any other rank may not require a Ph.D.

37.8 Practitioner Faculty appointments will normally be at 50% or greater. Where the individual maintains a substantial professional practice or does not have significant University responsibilities, the appointment may be lower.

Checklist for Practitioner Faculty Appointments (Aug 25/21)

Template Offer Letter for SFUFA Term Faculty Appointments (Aug 30/21) - Move to term prac faculty page

Recommendation for Appointment Form     Jun 27/22

Collective Agreement Article:

Article 37: Practitioner Faculty

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