Joint Appointments (Article 24)

A joint appointment is an appointment with a Primary and Secondary Department or Faculty. When a faculty member has a joint appointment, both departments and/or faculties will participate in decisions affecting the faculty member.

Modified Appointments (Article 25)

Where a member wishes to reduce the overall level of their appointment, the University recognizes that it would benefit from a carefully considered modification of an appointment through enhancement of staffing flexibility.

Faculty members must be in a continuing/tenure role, having passed probation or achieved tenure, to request this modification.  Apply using the Modification of Appointment Application Form

NOTE: there is no presumption of a member's entitlement to have this request granted.

Part-time Appointments (Article 26)

A part-time faculty member is one who performs the duties and responsibilities of a fulltime faculty member, but with a reduced load.

In some instances, a part-time faculty appointment may involve a potentially conflicting obligation to another employer. Therefore, where a person who holds a full-time appointment with another employer is considered for appointment as a part-time faculty member, the consent of the other employer may be required. 

Modification of Appointment Application Form  (Updated Mar 1/22)

Collective Agreement Articles:

Article 24: Joint Appointments

Article 25: Modification of Appointments from Full-time to Part-Time

Article 26: Part-Time Appointments


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