Closing Gaps to Oral Cancer Control

Closing Gaps to Oral Cancer Control using Big Data Methods – Opening the “Toolbox”

Project Team: Miriam Rosin (Biomedical Physiology and kinesiology, SFU), Leigha Rock (Cancer Control Research, BC Cancer), Denise Laronde (Oral Biological Medical Science, The University of British Columbia).   

Big data is often presented as a solution to health problems – it has the attention of government, industries and health care systems. However, steps to engaging this relatively new approach to clinical problem solving are not well established. This proposal is anchored in a global “call to action” around oral cancer control that is pulling together interdisciplinary teams of clinicians and scientists worldwide to interface with Big data to drive change. The proposed NBQ project will create an interface between members of the BC Oral Cancer Prevention Program (BC OCPP) and SFU’s Big Data Initiative, to develop and pilot strategies for opening the “Big Data” toolbox, exploring our untapped data. The project will build partnerships at the faculty and trainee level, and create an exemplary framework for tapping into the complex data-rich sources locally and globally to make them available for exploratory analysis of this disease.