Developing Crowdfunding for Health Research Portal

Developing the Crowdfunding for Health Research Portal

Project Team: Jeremy Snyder (Health Sciences, SFU), Valorie Crooks (Geography, SFU).

Crowdfunding uses social networks to generate financial resources for projects. Increasingly, people across the world, including Canada, are using crowdfunding to pay for health-related expenses. We are an interdisciplinary and cross-faculty team of SFU researchers that have been researching and gathering data on this practice. We propose to develop the Crowdfunding for Health Research Portal (CHRP), which will integrate our existing crowdfunding data, continuously gather data on medical crowdfunding campaigns from leading medical crowdfunding platforms, and allow researchers to search and analyze this data and link it to other big data resources. CHRP will be an important resource for SFU researchers and students and our external partners wishing to better understand the scope and impacts of medical crowdfunding. Thus, it will allow us to answer the next big question in big data: How can we harness existing sizeable sources of citizen/patient-generated data to address complex health and health care problems?