Linked Data for Women's History

Linked Data for Women’s History

Project Team: Michelle Levy (English, SFU), Carole Gerson (English, SFU), Michael Joyce (Library Software Development), Mark Jordan (Head of Library Systems), Rebecca Dowson (Digital Scholarship Librarian), Lisa Shapiro (Philosophy, SFU)

The next big question in big data for digital humanists asks how to connect the many high quality but disparate humanities datasets in existence, and queries the inability of existing tools to integrate these datasets to maximize their utility, discoverability and analytical power. Although several strategies have been proposed to resolve this problem, no workable solution has yet been successfully implemented. The aim of this Next Big Question project is to use a collection of nine existing large datasets, all relating to women’s intellectual and social history in Britain, Europe, and North America from the 17th to the 19th centuries, to study avenues for making data integration and processing faster and more effective. This team will forge an international team consisting of SFU scholars and scholars from across North America, the UK and EU to share data on women’s history. This project will enable the team to formalize partnerships and achieve wider goals of data integration. By integrating and scaling up existing datasets the team will achieve the full potential of big humanities data: a comprehensive understanding of a pivotal era in women’s history, one in which they rapidly gained economic, social and intellectual power.