Videos and Photos



This short video captures some of the creative energy and inspiring voices present at Horizon's conference in May 2022 hosted by SFU CERi.

Plenary 1

  • Conference Welcome;
  • Territorial Welcome;
  • Framing the Research Relationship - Dorothy Christian;
  • Keynote: Creative Solidarity and the Futurities of Community-Engaged Research - Rubén Gaztambide-Fernandez.

Plenary 2

  • First Nations Welcome; 
  • Horizons Community Mosaic; 
  • Keynote: Sex, Equity, and Resistance: The power of community-engaged research by, with, and for women living with HIV - Elder Valerie Nicholson and Angela Kaida

Plenary 3

  • Keynote: Publicly Engaged Scholarship in a Time of Crisis - Timothy Eatman

Plenary 4

  • First Nations Welcome; 
  • Artistic Presentation: Ally Giesbrecht, Artist & Jamie Smallboy, Poet;
  • Keynote: Arts-based methods as disruptive practices in community-based research - Lyana Patrick.

Plenary 5

  • Community Conversation: Nurturing Critical Hope: Songs, Sustenance and Somatics - Kari Grain, Vanessa Richards, Nihal Elwan & Peter Wood

Plenary 6

  • Roundtable Conversation: What is on the Horizon for CER? With Keynotes and Invited Guests; Closing Circle

Methodology Marathon

  • Presenter: Caylee Raber
  • Presenter: Callista Ottoni
  • Presenter: Farinaz Rikhtehgaran
  • Presenters: Heidi Smith & Nance Cunningham
  • Presenters: Amanda Wager  & Noreen McHale
  • Presenter: Jenna Aujla


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