Using the HTML Component

The HTML Component can be used to insert small snippets of code that provide unique functionality to your site. It is most commonly used to embed external web applications onto a page.

Note: There is a 4000 character limit on the HTML Component for ease of maintenance.

How to use the HTML Component

  1. Drag-and-drop the HTML component from the Sidekick into your page.

  2. Click the Edit button to open the Editor window once the component is placed on the page.

  3. The Editor window will open in a separate tab. Copy and paste the HTML code and click SAVE to close the Editor window.

  4. Select the Preview mode from the Sidekick and refresh the page to preview the HTML Component that was just added.

: To see what your page actually looks like, you need to click on the preview button, and then you need to refresh your browser.

Example of HTML Component Usage