Notable Alumni

Glenn Berg 

Former Government Industry Manager for Canada at Microsoft Corporation 

BA (Honours) Economics, 1992 

Glenn Berg graduated in 1992 with an honours degree in economics from Simon Fraser University. He went on to complete a master's degree in economics at McMaster University, and took on a position for the federal government as a policy analyst.

In 1994, the technology sector was still a relatively new industry. Glenn recognized this growing sector and became multi-certified as a systems engineer with several leading technology companies such as Microsoft and Novel. During this time, Glenn also authored several books on computer technology.

Glenn has worked at Microsoft for the past 15 years. In his current role as government industry manager for Canada, he represents local and regional governments and helps them align with Microsoft's global direction. Glenn also localizes global programs for Microsoft and assists international partners to establish a presence in Canada.

Glenn’s passion for economics started with ECON 101: Introduction to Economics. He was attracted to the subject because it combined math, business, and the social sciences, all of which helped him to understand how the world works. Today, he regularly uses his economics knowledge to analyze what governments are trying to accomplish in the economic and business sectors. He bridges the gap between government and industry so that his company can supply what governments need to achieve their goals.

He still passionately remembers his economic history courses with Professor Clyde Reed and Professor Zane Spindler’s classes on property and constitutional rights.  Professor Spindler was Glenn’s inspiration to purse his major in economics.

Glenn’s advice to current students is to learn how to think and understand the big picture. He suggests students should take an economic history course to understand how to look at an event historically and empirically. He also encourages young alumni to go into areas that you are passionate about and then apply your education.

To support SFU students in pursuit of an economics education, Glenn has established the Super-Duper Chosen Few scholarship award for economics honours students. This scholarship recognizes students who achieve academic excellence while participating in extra-curricular activities, a nod to his own university days where he juggled academics with starting up his own landscaping business to finance his studies. Glenn knows firsthand the challenges of working and being involved in the community while working towards an honours degree.

On behalf of our economics students, the Department of Economics would like to thank Glenn for his generosity.

Last updated August 31, 2016