Professor Jasmina Arifovic awarded Bank of Canada 2020 Fellowship Award

March 23, 2020

In recognition of her research expertise and innovative work, the Bank of Canada has awarded professor and associate chair Jasmina Arifovic with the 2020 Fellowship Award

The Fellowship Award provides financial support to leading academics who are widely recognized for their expertise and excellence in areas important to the Bank's core functions and whose research contributes to the development of knowledge and research capabilities in those areas.

Arifovic’s work spans across a wide range of topical issues in economics, including evolutionary models of personal beliefs, computational design, currency crises, financial markets and exchange rates dynamics. Her pioneering work in computational modelling and artificial intelligence helps explain real world phenomenon where traditional models have fallen short, furthering understanding of financial markets and monetary policy. As the founding director of the Centre for Research in Adaptive Behaviour in Economics, she supervises PhD students and conducts research on behavioral and experimental economics.

As the Director of the Centre for Research in Adaptive Behaviour in Economics (CRABE), Arifovic led projects utilizing computer simulations to conduct research in behavioural and experimental economics. Arifovic's research at CRABE along with her pioneering work in computational modeling led SFU's Department of Economics to rank 15th worldwide in the field of computational economics