Dr. Diane Gromala Named Distinguished SFU Professor

July 27, 2020

Dr. Diane Gromala has been honoured with the title of Distinguished SFU Professor along with six other leading academic scholars.

This title is awarded to those who have demonstrated outstanding performance and achievements, as well as international pre-eminence in their fields and spotlights the contributions that scholars have made to their fields.

Gromala’s research explores the ways technological interventions can help people who live with chronic conditions to manage their pain and improve their quality of life. Working with a team of graduate students in her Pain Studies Lab and Medical User Experience Institute, Gromala collaborates with health experts in pain medicine, neuroscience, psychology, and kinesiology. From 2007–2018, she served as a Canada Research Chair in Computational Technologies for Transforming Pain.

As a nationally and internationally recognized expert in interaction design and human-computer interaction, Gromala often presents at prestigious conferences such as the 2018 VR and Health Conference at Harvard University School of Medicine. Her experience of living with chronic pain drives her work and allows her to understand the needs of patients who benefit from her innovative technological solutions.

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