Brian Fisher




Brian teaches the cognitive science basis of human-computer and human-information interaction as well as research design and data analysis methods courses. His Integrated Science Lab conducts scientific investigation of how people reason using graphical information systems and collaborates on design of information systems for health, aerospace, emergency operations, cybersecurity, and financial and business analytics applications. Publications are in cognitive science, cognitive engineering, and visual analytics fields as well as application areas. Partners include Molecular You Inc., Boeing, MDA, Appnovation, Richmond EOC, and the World Bank.

Brian chairs the Visual Analytics Graduate Certificate Program and serves on the Steering Committee for VIVA, the Vancouver Institute for Visual Analytics. He is a Fellow of the Psychonomics Society, member of the IEEE VAST steering committee, VIS Executive Committee, and TVCG “Visualization Pioneers” group. He was Paper Chair for VAST 2017, General Chair for ISCRAM 2012, VAST 2010, and the International Symposium on Smart Graphics in 2004 and 2006. His Erdős number is 2

Research Interests

  • Scientific study of visual-enabled reasoning with graphical information systems
  • Cognitive ethnography in healthcare, disaster relief, aerospace, and business organizations. 
  • Cognitive engineering of visual information systems for individual and collaborative reasoning and multi-agent coordination (CCI, mixed-initiative systems).