Research Groups

Advanced Media Research Group
Examines emergent technologies such as high-definition television, high dynamic range video, 3D imagery, and improved audio capabilities.

BioV Research Group
Investigates new methods for the visualization and understanding of biological data.

CATGames Research Group
Exploring the development of artificial intelligence algorithms for believable characters.

Computational Design Lab
An interdisciplinary group focusing on design and how it is being transformed by computation.

Connections Lab
Studies the design of technologies aimed at connecting people through space and time

DVV Research Group
Design, vision and visualization in both theoretical and applied contexts.

iSpace Research Group
immersive, spatial, perception, action/art, cognition, embodiment.

iViz Lab (Interactive Visualization Lab)
Creating more socially engaging systems that enhance communication, collaboration and learning.

Metacreation, Agents and Multiagent Systems (MAMAS) Group
Focuses on the theory and practice of Metacreation, Agents and Multiagent Systems.

Ontological Research Group
Using ontologies - complex conceptual models – and reasoning to achieve breakthroughs in other fields. Active areas of research include software engineering, service oriented architectures, and user modeling, museum guides, and e-Learning.

Integrated Science Lab
Integrates cognitive science of expert task performance with cognitive engineering of information systems for personalized medicine, aircraft safety, command, control, & interoperability, cybersecurity, and financial and business analytics.

Tangible, Embodied and Child Interaction Group (TECI)
TECI focuses on research, design and evaluation of new forms of interaction technology that support the way children play, learn and develop.

Transforming Pain Research Group
Building better computerized aids to help patients through meditation, biofeedback, and innovative technologies such as immersive virtual reality (VR) and visualization therapy.

Visual Analytics Research (VAR) Lab
Develops and studies new methods for visual analytics systems with applications in health sciences, industry, and government agencies including critical infrastructure protection and emergency management systems.

Whisper[s] Research Group
whisper[s]: wearable, handheld, intimate, sensory, personal, expressive, responsive system