Legagy Light

By: George Lin, Eugene Ma, Madeleine Smiciklas, and Michelle Swolfs
Course: IAT 431 Speculative Design

Project description: Legacy Light was created as an interactive light device that could be sold and produced while a celebrity is alive. Our device took on three phases: alive, 1st death, and 2nd death/forgotten.

Our project aims to question the normalcy of parasocial relationships with influencers & celebrities. From keeping tabs on influencers by being one of their millions of followers to stalking them to their hotel rooms, many members of Gen Z have developed a parasocial relationship with an influencer in their lifetimes. The introduction of social media has blurred the lines between fans and celebrities.

Using the ludic design approach, our project also aims to add some ambiguity and playfulness to the artifact. The artifact isn’t necessarily meant to solve anything or provide a direct functionality, but rather have the user question parasocial relationships or how they interact with celebrities that have passed. Having an artifact that is ludic, will allow users and viewers to see it in a different light.


Project presentation: