Fall 2021 Project Showcase

Welcome to the Fall 2021 SIAT Project Showcase! Explore some of the projects created by SIAT students throughout the semester by clicking on the links below and check out the photo gallery to see images from some of SIAT's in-person showcases. Projects ranged from short films, animations, digital games, apps, interactive artworks and more.

Explore the projects

Media Arts

Bokkusu (immersive game)
By: Qing Wen (Qatar), Andrew Lin Jue Gong (Pete)

Transmission: A COVID-19 Documentary on the BC Honda Owners Club
By: Veer Singh Barmi, Noah Jessup, Cody Leung

Friendship in a Can (animation)
By: Andrea Ang Tsin Yin, Alyssa Lalani, Rowina Chan, Alexandra Grant

Teaventure (animation)
By: Michelle Kurniawan, Julian Crisologo, Ola Alsukour, Rachel Huang, Yoher Wang

The Last Croissant (animation)
By: Alyssa Umbal, Jonathan Newman, Herman Chan, Jasper Precilla

Interactive Systems

Legacy of the Rift (2D action-adventure game)
By: Erika Wang, Hanna Luu, Mark Robles

Rogue Spark (2D single-player game)
by: Cameron Elless, Chell Li, Jordan Yuen, Dinuki Adikaram, Christine Drummond

T.R.4.S.H (3D stealth game)
By: Dro Bertoia, Soheila Boscarino, Fiona McCauley

Cloud Gazer (mobile app)
By: Taylen Lee-Chin, Amena Salman


Legacy Light (interactive device)
By: George Lin, Eugene Ma, Madeleine Smiciklas, Michelle Swolfs

Mondrian Desk Lamp (interactive artifact)
By: Dan Peng, Sohee Seok, Xiaohan Leng, Yining Zhou

Beta Codex (app interface)
By: Kitty Cheung, Aliasger Rasheed, Jarrod Pan