Scentimental (product concept)

By: Raymond Co, Min Kang, Angela Lee, Jarrod Pan
Course: IAT 431 Sepculative Design

Project description: Scentimental is a concept product designed for a future of 2088 where people are no longer able to afford traditional living spaces. It uses VR, scents, and hallucinogens to create a vivid experience of past environments such as a previous home. It was designed in tandem with the PeoplePods, tiny living pods able to fit one person. Scentimental provides residents of PeoplePods with comfort and familiarity while living in small spaces. With this, we look to provoke awareness of our growing land use and footprint as the population rises.

Explore the product prototype:

Scentimental protoype

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Scentimental people pod
Scentimental people pod
VR headset