Jordan and the Magic Cape (Book)

By: Sophia Nguyen, Danakin Seah, Yuki Yao, Kirby Woo, Maria Wang, Nancy Tran, Caleigh Smith, Bryan Cortes, Alvin Leung, Jesika Kula, Taki Karasmanis, Clare Huang, Mahyar Ghorbandaiy, Irene Dinh, David Cao, Lynn Warburton (mentor), John Bondoc (mentor), Stephanie Ostler (instructor), Naghmi Shireen (instructor).
Course: IAT 330 Business of Design I: Introduction (part of the Make Change Studio)

Project description: This book was conceived by a team of 15 students in Simon Fraser University’s Make Change Studio Program. Through experiential and interdisciplinary teaching styles, students were given space to reckon with the strategic and evolving challenges of textile sustainability and entrepreneurship. The outcome of this 13 week program is this book, which we created in order to support young people to engage with the challenges surrounding textile sustainability and to inspire opportunities for learning.

See the full project website: Jordan and the Magic Cape