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Ep. 2 | Kue K'nyawmupoe: Connecting and Serving Communities

Release date: November 29, 2021 | Length: 32:52

Episode description

Steve sits down with Kue K'nyawmupoe, a resilient woman who has a passion for community engagement and helping others. Kue's journey began in a Thailand refugee camp where she lived a simple life with her family for the early part of her life. At age of 15, Kue and her family moved to Canada, and through the support of her local church and settlement programs, Kue and her family integrated into their community. In this episode, Kue takes us through her journey from living in the refugee camp to what it was like to journey from Thailand to Canada, and some of the work that she does to engage her roots, culture, and community.

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Guest: Kue K'nyawmupoe

Born and raised in a Thailand refugee camp, Kue K'nyawmupoe came to Canada at the age of 15. Kue knew little English when she first arrived in Surrey and attended Queen Elizabeth Secondary School. Kue and her family faced many challenges in a new country including finding employment and connecting to resources in the community. Fortunately, through settlement programs and support from their local church, Kue and her family were able to integrate into the Canadian society. In 2015, Kue participated in the Our Community Our Voice project as a community peer research assistant and later joined Surrey LIP Immigrant Advisory Roundtable and Surrey Refugee Youth Team as a member. In future, Kue hopes to visit the Karen State and work with the people in her mother’s village.