Students paint tiles as part of the Mural Mosaic Project at the Burnaby campus.

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Collaborating on a legacy: Why you should participate in the Mural Mosaic Project

May 27, 2022

In celebration of 20th anniversary of SFU's Surrey Campus, SFU Surrey is delighted to bring the Mural Mosaic Project to this campus!

This Fall semester, we are excited to once again partner up with the artists from the Mural Mosaic team to create two new collaborative murals with our students and the SFU Surrey community.

"I have been so grateful to take part in developing and implementing the Mural Mosaic Project at the Burnaby campus three times over the last few years, and this year I am so excited we are bringing it to the Surrey campus," says Yavanna Scott, Student Engagement Coordinator with Student Engagement and Retention. "SFU’s Surrey’s 20th anniversary is something truly special that we can all celebrate, and this project allows us to come together regardless of our artistic skillset or personal taste to create something beautiful and truly collaborative that is so much bigger than one person."

Yavanna Scott (left) participates in a community paint workshop at SFU's Burnaby campus. The Burnaby campus has four Mural Mosaics, and this project will bring an additional two Mosaics to SFU Surrey.

Scott says that the community input is an important part of the process. "Our mural will represent a community and campus that is set in one of the fastest growing and most culturally diverse cities in Canada. The Mural is a special project, showcasing our diverse perspectives, vision and creativity and engages everyone in creating something that has a legacy that can be revisited in years to come."

How to participate

SFU community members are invited to share their input via SurveyMonkey from now until June 12. Planning is currently underway for opportunities to participate in face-to-face design jams.

To access the survey and stay up-to-date with the project, including when design jams may happen, be sure to visit this site regularly:

The Mural Mosaic Project is generously supported by SFU Student Engagement and Retention, SFU Alumni, and SFU Surrey Campus Administration.