Multi-Fest is one of the seasonal events hosted at Games Lounge. Transition Events Assistant John So (far left) and Student Engagement Coordinator Yavanna Scott (second from left) pose with some student volunteers and staff.


SFU Surrey Games Lounge provides connection, fun for students

January 24, 2022

Student life can be stressful, and the lingering impact of COVID-19 doesn’t make it any easier. To brighten students’ days, the Mezzanine turns into the Games Lounge, an open space to safely meet, play games, enjoy snacks and fun activities while on campus.

The Games Lounge has been a part of the Surrey Campus since 2018, and is part of ongoing Student Engagement Initiatives. Each week, staff and student volunteers activate the Mezzanine with a wide selection of games and activities. The team also hosted seasonal events like Multi-Fest and Winter WonderLounge and popular student events like Dog Therapy in collaboration with other units to create more accessible programming for students.

Like many things, the pandemic caused a lot of activities to move off-campus, and the Mezzanine was quiet for about 17 months. When it came time to return to campus in Fall 2021, student safety was top of mind for Games Lounge staff.

“We recognize that everyone is in a different space and how the pandemic impacted students individually,” says Student Engagement Coordinator Yavanna Scott. “We aimed to host a safe, welcoming space while keeping a pulse the comfort level of students and aligning with COVID institutional policies.”

John So, Transition Events Assistant, says that as students transitioned back to in-person classes, many were looking for safe ways to enrich their social life. Week after week, So watched as the Games Lounge helped to connect old friends and strike up new friendships with someone they never met over friendly competition. “The Games Lounge definitely has a positive impact by helping people with different backgrounds connect safely with one another!” So says.

Ron Coscolleula (second from right) is one of the student volunteers who has put in countless hours at the Games Lounge, supporting his fellow students and providing them with a place to connect and de-stress.

The positive impact isn’t only limited to the students who play, though: many students who volunteer their own time to help run the Games Lounge have also found it to be a fulfilling experience. One of those students is second year Engineering Science student Ron Coscolluela. This was Coscolluela’s first semester back in-person, and he was determined to get involved at SFU. “The Games Lounge immediately piqued my interested because I never knew SFU had an open area for games,” says Coscolluela.

When asked about the impact that the Games Lounge has on his peers, Coscolluela mentions the necessity of taking breaks and prioritizing mental health. “[Students] face academic stress and it can be tough waking up every day to go to class. To me, the Games Lounge plays a crucial part in alleviating stress by giving students the chance to relax and play games with one another,” he says.

If you ever find yourself walking through the Mezzanine and need to take a break, drop by the Games Lounge to play a game or two and say hi to the Student Engagement team!

For the Spring 2022 semester, the Games Lounge will be open January 24 – April 15, Monday to Thursday between 11 AM and 5 PM. The Games Lounge will follow all public health guidelines.