SFU Data Fellowships are a series of short, part-time workshops that offers foundational data science and AI concepts that can be directly applied to your work and organization.

Designed and taught by leading data science and AI experts at Simon Fraser University, these online interactive workshops offer a hands-on learning environment, enabling you to immediately apply concepts and techniques you learn with live feedback and guidance from instructors. You will come away with the kind of data science experience and knowledge that organizations and recruiters value.

What You Will Learn

  • Gain foundational knowledge in data science and AI concepts and techniques.
  • Apply data science and AI techniques and concepts to real world problems.
  • Use best practices to identify and mitigate biases and risks throughout a project.
  • Implement machine learning to analyze and gain new insights from your datasets.
  • Gain additional expertise with commonly used data science tools, making use of Python and Jupyter Notebooks.

Key Topics


Understand the core concepts of AI and machine learning including the tools, terminology and best practices for setting up and running a project.


Understand the full machine learning pipeline, from training, validation and testing to evaluating the success of your algorithms and solutions.


Learn how to prepare data for AI or machine learning algorithms. Gain knowledge of best practices for effective project pipelines.


Examine best practices to critically evaluate data and algorithms for bias, identify your own biases and how to mitigate against biases in your data and algorithms.

Why SFU?


Our instructors, who have decades of experience in both development and state-of-the-art research, will teach you in-demand skills, approaches, concepts and tools.


Gain hands-on experience working on complex data science problems, ensuring the knowledge you gained in this workshop can be directly applied to the real-world.


This workshop is taught in a live virtual learning environment, enabling real-time feedback and encouraging you to build connections with your peers.


Our partner Athena Pathways is offering a $500 scholarship designed to lower barriers for women pursuing careers in the AI and data science fields. This scholarship will be awarded after completion of the workshop. Any person who identifies as female and resides in British Columbia will qualify.

Additionally, our partner Scale AI also offers a grant for Data Fellowship workshops. This grant cannot be combined with the Athena scholarship.

You can apply to these opportunities directly on the latest Data Fellowship workshop page.


Fred Popowich
PhD, Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science
Scientific Director, SFU’s Big Data Hub and Professor of Computing Science

Jillian Anderson
MSc, Computer Science
Big Data Developer, Simon Fraser University

Steven Bergner
PhD, Computer Science
University Research Associate, Simon Fraser University

Paige Tuttosi
PhD Candidate, School of Computing Science
Research Assistant, SFU's Big Data Hub


Will I receive SFU credit for this workshop?

This is a non-credit workshop for which you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Can I take this workshop at my own pace?

This workshop offers a live, structured learning environment with learning objectives and activities for each day. You will need to be available during the designated class times.

What is the refund policy?

There are no refunds offered for this workshop, however you may transfer your seat to another person free of charge. For questions about seat transfers please contact

What time zone is this workshop within?

Pacific Time

How do I know if this workshop is right for me?

This course is for those interested in switching or expanding their career in the data science and AI fields. Designed to be practical and application-focused, this workshop ensures you can apply what you learn in your work environment immediately. Whether you are just starting your career or are already a seasoned professional, SFU Data Fellowships: AI Essentials will give you the knowledge and tools to train up your data science and artificial intelligence skills in order to apply more data rigorous methods or automated processes to your job.

Can fees paid for Data Fellowships qualify for tax credits?

For more information, please refer to SFU's Fees and Tuitions page.

What is SFU's Big Data Hub?

Simon Fraser University leverages the power of big data so Canada can lead in a digital world. With over a decade of leadership in the big data field, SFU’s Big Data Hub engages with our partners to fill critical talent shortages, generate new knowledge and contribute to an innovative economy. We connect government, industry and the community to deliver data-driven solutions to challenging problems. With 24 governmental partners and over 90 companies actively engaged, we are empowering people to use data for impact and social good to solve global challenges and transform society.