Rochelle Tucker

Senior Lecturer

Health Sciences

Rochelle Tucker

Senior Lecturer

Health Sciences

Areas of interest

Social psychology, adolescent mental health, social determinants of health, research methods


  • BA, Social Psychology, McGill University
  • MHSc, Health Promotion, University of Toronto
  • DSc, Social Epidemiology, Harvard University


After starting an undergraduate program in Science, Dr. Tucker ended up with a BA in Psychology and Sociology (where she focused on health psychology and medical sociology), from McGill University. She then went on to a practically oriented Master of Health Science in Health Promotion from the University of Toronto. Following her Masters, she worked at the Children and Women’s Health Centre of British Columbia on a number of initiatives, including the establishment of the BC Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health. After numerous colleagues and mentors convinced her to pursue a career in research, she moved to Boston to do doctoral work at the Harvard School of Public Health. While living in Boston, she worked at the Harvard Eating Disorders Centre on a large eating disorders prevention project. From January 2001-June 2005 she was the Project Director for the BC Youth Survey on Smoking and Health I and II, two large cross-sectional surveys focused on tobacco dependence among adolescents. After receiving a CBIE/CIDA Award for Canadians, Dr. Tucker spent four months volunteering with a small NGO (Apne Aap) that addresses issues related to child sex-trafficking in Kolkata, India in 2003-2004.

Research interests

Dr. Tucker’s research is focused on understanding gender, ethnic and socio-economic disparities in adolescent mental health, and the relationships between mental health and other health issues (i.e. tobacco dependency, nutrition, and obesity, and physical activity) in adolescence. Part of her research is directed towards addressing methodological and theoretical issues associated with these areas of inquiry. Her dissertation research was focused on weight-focused behaviours and depressive symptoms among adolescents in British Columbia and she is continuing research in this area. Dr. Tucker is also interested in the design and program evaluation of youth-led and school-based initiatives aimed at preventing mental disorders and promoting adolescent health. The goals of this research are to promote healthy adolescent development, identify areas amenable to change and inform the development of programs and policies to reduce disparities in health among adolescents.

Teaching interests

Dr. Tucker’s research interests include research methodology, mental health and adolescent development.


This instructor is currently not teaching any courses.

Publications and activities

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