Congratulations Class of 2021!

Even though we have to be physically apart, we can still celebrate the achievements of our graduating students, and all that they have accomplished together.


Congratulations to you the Faculty of Health Sciences graduates of 2021. This significant milestone belongs to you but also to those who have supported you through your time with us: your families, your friends. Please take time to thank them in the virtual world.

I'm sorry that we can’t all be together on the Burnaby campus at this time but just remember wherever you are, this is your day. I hope I will see you walk across the stage at a future in-person convocation.

I'm proud that your interdisciplinary training in Health Sciences brings deep knowledge of all aspects of the COVID-19 Pandemic from the molecular to the societal level.
The current vaccine rollout is the result of coordinated research, logistics and communications efforts, but we need to do better.

With the knowledge you have gained, I hope that you will join in the effort to address what the World Health Organization has termed the “Infodemic”, accelerated and amplified by the spread of disinformation and deliberate misinformation for political and financial gain on social media.

You understand the racial, social and economic inequities made transparent by the Pandemic; and potential for policy and structural solution spaces.
The pandemic will not be brought under control until there is global access to vaccines and health care as well as social conditions that enable individuals to keep themselves and their loved ones safe.

So take your health sciences knowledge into the world change it for the better, keep a commitment to social justice and remember who the real heroes.

Tania Bubela
Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences

Convocation Stories and Award Recipients

  • Dean’s Graduate Convocation Medal: Marco Zenone
  • Dean’s Undergraduate Convocation Medal: Signe MacLennan
  • 2020-21 Janes Corbett Community Health Practice Awards: Michael Owusu Budu
  • 2020-21 Janes Corbett Community Health Practice Awards: Daksha Jadhav
  • 2020-21 Donor Awards -Judy Graves Graduate Award: Hasham Kamran
  • 2020-21 Donor Awards - Judy Graves Graduate Award & 2020-21 Janes Corbett Community Health Practice Award: Angel Kennedy
  • 2020-21 Janes Corbett Community Health Practice Awards: Chae Rim Lee 
  • 2020 CERi GF (Fall Cycle): Joseph Ssendikaddiwa
  • FHS Award for Citizenship and Exemplary Academic Performance: Amanda Janes 
  • FHS Award for Outstanding Service to the Faculty of Health Sciences: Aleisha Fernandes
  • FHS Award for Outstanding Community Service: Osob Mohamed  and Jasjot Deol
  • FHS Award for Extraordinary Achievement: Maggie Duncan
  • FHS Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement, BSc: Signe MacLennan
  • FHS Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement, BA: Sandy Lau

Best Advice and Congratulatory Messages

The 2021 graduating class provided some pieces of advice they hope their fellow students can keep in mind, as well as congratulatory messages for the FHS community. View them here.

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