The FHS Communications team is responsible for communicating and promoting the mission and values of the Faculty to faculty members, students, staff, alumni and the broader external community. Working in consultation with SFU Communications & Marketing, we provide a range of communication services.

Questions? Please email

News & promotion

SFU media experts

If you would like to:

  • share your expertise with the media
  • receive media training and/or support ahead of an interview

please reach out to the FHS Communications Manager at

Pitching stories to the media

Media Release

A media release is an official announcement issued to generate media coverage. Newsworthy items include significant research publications and/or findings, awards or accomplishments, and high-profile events.

Issues and Experts

An Issues and Experts (I&E) piece is shorter than a media release and its main purpose is to generate interviews with SFU subject matter experts for current affairs topics.

If you would like help alerting the media via one of the above methods, we can help connect you to SFU Media Relations.

Stories for FHS social media and website

To help us assess your content for inclusion on the FHS web site or social media channels, please consider the following:

  • Is this content time sensitive? Is there an embargo?
  • Why is your story important and how does it affect the general public?
  • What are the key facts?
  • Who else should we contact for additional details for your story?
  • Do you have photos or graphics we can use?
  • Which social media accounts should we tag?


Promoting events

The FHS Communications team can (when appropriate):

  • Create an event flyer
  • Create an event page on SFU Events 
  • Set up RSVP links

We can also help:

  • Amplify existing event details on social media
  • Add information about your event to the Undergraduate newsletter

Graphics and posters

FHS Communications can work with you to help create graphics and posters to promote an upcoming event. Please provide a minimum of 4 weeks notice prior to your event. (Ideally, you want to have at least 3 weeks for your posters to be seen by faculty, staff, and students.) 

FHS promotion materials & resources

The FHS Communications team has access to:

  • Program brochures (Jan 2022)
  • Printable versions of the 'Year in Review'
  • FHS stand up banner
  • Graduate programs stand up banner
  • FHS branded table cloth (for conferences or student fairs)
  • Swag items
  • Red cloths for catering tables (events in Blusson Hall only)

Photos for social media

We always encourage you to take your own photos which can be used on social media. If, however, you would like higher quality images, we may be able to assist depending on time, location, and availability.

Logos, templates & guides

SFU brand & templates

Various templates and resources on how to apply SFU's brand can be found in the SFU Communicators toolkit, including:

FHS brand & templates

The FHS logos, letterhead and PowerPoint templates are available upon request.

Please contact to obtain these assets or to ask your branding and/or logo usage questions.

SFU editorial guidelines

The official editorial style guide for SFU outlines writing standards, including when to use capitalizations, how to write academic degrees, the correct way to write traditional acknowledgements, which forms of address to use, and a large number of other topics.

First Nations traditional acknowledgement

We encourage all who wish to acknowledge that SFU is located on traditional First Nations lands to do so in their email signature. See suggested wording here.

Website & social media

Updating staff/faculty profile

To update your profile, please send us your updated text. We will then copy and paste it directly to your profile.

If your photo is out of date, please reach out to to arrange to have new photos taken.

Updating information on the website

Please email with the page URL and/or screenshot of the page if you find any out-of-date information or broken links on the website.

FHS social media channels

The Faculty of Health Sciences currently uses three social media platforms:

Please tag us in any relevant posts (using @sfu_fhs and/or #SFUhealth) you publish so we can see them and help amplify.