Master of Public Health

Our new curriculum focuses on group learning and integrated, interdisciplinary courses. Students have the flexibility to focus their learning around their interest, and we support them to become practice-ready professionals in just five terms.

Study: Full time

Length: Five terms

Workload: Around 52 hours/week

Coursework: Minimum of 46 credits

Cost: $333.25/unit x 46 units = $15,329.5 minimum total tuition, plus $455/term in ancillary fees. MPH students are not eligible for most awards.  See this breakdown of the typical costs per term for graduate domestic and international students, and try the cost of living calculator.


Students complete a minimum of 46 credit hours of coursework, including a 13 week practicum experience and a master’s project. It is also possible to submit a thesis in lieu of master’s project, if students complete a minimum of 49 credit hours.

See planned elective options on our six term plan.  

MPH course plan

MPH students will complete the following during their degree:

First year Second year
  • Biostatistics for Public Health Practice
  • Principles of Epidemiology for Public Health
  • Social Determinants of Health
  • Core Concepts of Practice for Public Health I and II
  • Qualitative and Survey Research Methods
  • Analysis of Health Care Systems
  • Program Planning and Evaluation
  • 13-week Practicum
  • Environmental and Occupational Health
  • Health Promotion in Practice
  • Indigenous Health in Canada
  • Introduction to Global Health
  • Two elective choices
  • Capstone or MPH Thesis

*Certain courses are flexible between first and second year,
and your course plan can be tailored to suit your practicum
and project.


Learn to apply public health concepts, methods, and theory in public health settings in Canada or globally. This professional, practice-based practicum lasts one academic term, normally in the summer of your first year, in a designated workplace. During your 13-week practicum, you will spend 11 weeks on site with your placement.

Since 2007, MPH students have completed practicums in 55 countries, 112 cities, and with 214 different organizations.


The MPH capstone takes the form of an authentic, complex case study where students will work collaboratively to:

  • specify and examine the issues and populations impacted;
  • apply secondary data to understand the issues;
  • propose an appropriate conceptual framework(s) for analyzing and synthesizing the data and finally will propose recommendations for comprehensive solution(s) that will address the challenge.

The case inquiry will require teamwork, reflexivity and problem-solving.


  • Complete in 5 terms
  • Complete a real-life public health case-study and present your findings to stakeholders


Students interested in the thesis option are required to secure a supervisor from the Faculty of Health Sciences. Availability of the thesis option will depend on a faculty member’s interests and schedule. Students taking the thesis option will spend a minimum of two additional terms in the program in order to meet the full requirements of the thesis.

Students considering the thesis option are encouraged to review faculty research interests by consulting the Faculty profiles on the FHS People Directory page.



  • Complete in 6+ terms
  • Must defend research proposal before research begins
  • Must write and defend thesis

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