Student Commons

Booking a meeting or event in the Student Commons

There are several rooms available to host meetings or events that are student-focused and/or involve student participation. Booking requests will be assessed for student engagement and involvement in your meeting/event. Please ensure that you include the details of your event/meeting on the form.

If you are interested in booking multiple rooms and/or half or all of the Student Commons, please select the appropriate check box on the online form.

Before you book a room, read the FHS Student Commons Meeting and Event Guidelines

You must submit your request AT LEAST 48 hours before your scheduled event/meeting. Requests that are submitted with less than 48 hours notice might not be considered. Please plan accordingly.

(Teaching assistants and research assistants - if you are booking an event on behalf of your research group, please use the research personnel link.)  

You'll receive a notification about your booking request within 24-48 hours. 


Meeting and Study space will be available for use Monday – Friday between 9:00AM – 4:00PM. The rooms will be unlocked by 9:00 and locked by 4:00 PM. Please plan your activities with this in mind.

View the meeting room calendars 

Where are the bookable rooms in the FHS Student Commons?

Size Room  Room Availability
1-2 people BLU 10802 Calendar Link
1-2 people BLU 10804 Calendar Link
12-16 people BLU 10808 Calendar Link
~40 people Clamshell (BLU 10810) Calendar Link
1-2 people BLU 10856 Calendar Link
8 people BLU 10911 Calendar Link