Academic advising

Speak to an advisor

The undergraduate advisors are on hand to advise students on a range of topics, including checking you’re on track to graduate and help with academic difficulties.

Due to COVID-19, all in-person advising has been suspended. Advising will be conducted primarily through email. Please ensure that all emails include your full name, student number, and advising transcript, along with your question. Please anticipate a slight delay in response time as the volume of requests is currently high.

If you have completed up to 60 units of course work, please send your email to Undergraduate Advisor Ben Lee (

If you have completed more than 60 units of course work, please send your email to Undergraduate Advisor Steve O’Reilly (

If your query cannot be handled through email, and you need to speak with an advisor over the phone, please email the appropriate advisor to set up a phone appointment.


How do I declare a major or minor in Health Sciences?

Students require a CGPA of 2.5 and the following three courses to declare a major or a minor in Health Sciences:

  • HSCI 130
  • HSCI 100 or BISC 101
  • a 200 level HSCI course

Courses in progress will not be considered. After the course and GPA requirements are met, please book an appointment with the advisor to declare a major or minor in Health Sciences. There are no deadlines. Students can declare a major as soon they have satisfied the requirements listed above.

Why can't I get into an upper division HSCI course?

All 300 and 400 level HSCI courses are reserved for Health Sciences majors during the first three weeks of enrollment. At the end of the three week period (open enrollment), any student can enroll in the class if they have the prerequisites and if there is space remaining in the course.