Student Commons


The Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) Student Commons is a place of learning, connection and engagement for students, faculty and staff. The FHS Student Commons creates access to individual study, collaborative work, and presentation spaces. Students can meet their peers, faculty, and staff; stay informed; get involved in student activities, find a home away from home, and feel part of our community.

In response to the SFU Student Experience Initiative and feedback received from FHS students, the Faculty of Health Sciences intends to create an FHS Student Commons in Blusson Hall with the following objectives:

  1. House FHS student organizations - Health Sciences Undergraduate Student Union (HSUSU) and the Graduate Caucus in the FHS Commons to facilitate increased visibility of and participation in FHS student led organizations to foster a sense of community among FHS students;
  2. Create a safe and flexible work-study commons suitable for group and individual study;
  3. Provide easy access to FHS education programs/ student services;
  4. Make available FHS specific non-academic programming and information sessions within the FHS Commons (career development, co-op information sessions, scholarship and research opportunities).


  • Building community and a sense of belonging
  • Improve communication with students
  • Create a home away from home


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Continue to check back for more programming