Why study in the Faculty of Health Sciences

Learn in a progressive, interdisciplinary setting that's changing the face of health research.

SFU’s Faculty of Health Sciences brings together experts from the humanities, social sciences, and life sciences. With a reputation for leading scholarship in social justice, Indigenous health, HIV research, mental health and addiction, policy research, and harm reduction, we collaborate and find innovative solutions to challenges old and new.

A uniquely collaborative setting

Learn from experts in social, population and policy sciences, biomedical sciences, and public health sectors. Sharing different perspectives, we find novel answers to old problems—and generate new and different questions along the way.


One thing I really like about the Faculty of Health Sciences is that you're not just narrowing in on one perspective. I've gained a completely different perspective on health—and a better understanding of the system as a whole.

Laura Jones, Bachelor of Science

Experiential learning

Enjoy a different kind of classroom experience—with field courses, Co-op opportunities and learning beyond lectures. Our curriculum is ever-evolving to meet the needs of our students and our community.


Innovative research

FHS helps shape health policy in real-time—and you can be a part of our research community during your undergraduate studies. Our students have the opportunity to work closely with faculty in research settings, gaining relevant skills and valuable experience for their CVs.


I received funding from the University and I was on the ground doing surveys and learning how to use different wearable technologies to track people's exercise. It was an awesome, collaborative environment, working alongside graduate students and other undergraduate students—from health sciences, geography and urban planning.

Cassandra Mah, Bachelor of Arts

Student life

Get involved in an exciting, dynamic atmosphere. With events, seminars and  workshops, there are plenty of opportunities to connect with fellow students and faculty. Our peer mentors and advising team are here to help you succeed throughout your undergraduate education.


Careers in health

Understand health, illness and disease from a global perspective—and gain valuable problem-solving, statistical, computational, communication and organizational skills along the way. Our students go on to careers, post-graduate and professional programs, like medicine, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, law and nursing.


Potential careers in health sciences

  • Health charities & foundations

  • Public & private research (agriculture, chemical, environment)

  • Health prevention & promotion

  • Government & related agencies

  • Post-secondary institutions

  • Health and Workplace Safety Inspection agencies & boards

  • Recreation organizations

  • Scientific magazines, journals

  • Wastewater treatment

  • Industry & laboratories (pharmaceutical, medical, agriculture, food production, manufacturing, environmental)

  • Hospitals

  • Public health authorities

  • Private medical clinics

  • Rehabilitation centres

  • Pharmaceutical sales

  • Insurance companies & law firms

  • Consulting

  • Private sector companies