Our cross-cutting themes

Our research

Admin leads: Maya Gislason and Jeremy Snyder

The Faculty of Health Sciences has identified “cross-cutting core themes” as central to its commitment to social justice and missions to improve health and reduce health inequities locally, nationally, and globally. These themes are:

They span disciplinary boundaries, health and disease foci, and methodological perspectives and build upon the disciplines and research topics represented in the faculty. Not only are these core areas domains of scholarship in their own right, they should also inform and be integrated into the six other research and education challenge areas.

The interdisciplinary structure of the faculty can promote the advancement of scholarship in these intersecting areas. We have the advantage of being able to engage scholars from multiple disciplines, perspectives, and research priorities with a focus on those that intersect with mental health and addictions; health policy and systems; infectious diseases; developmental origins of health and disease; and planetary change. Through these dynamic exchanges we aim to cross-pollinate ideas and formulate innovative responses to current health challenges. We can also employ this approach to explain how a targeted intervention in one research area could have relevance to other areas. For example, examining climate change's effects on gender equity.



  • Timothy Beischlag Pharmacology, molecular toxicology, carcinogenesis, poly-chlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)
  • Nicole Berry Global health, gender & reproductive health, maternal/child health, participatory methods
  • Tania Bubela Health and biotechnology law and policy, knowledge translation in health
  • Maya Gislason Social inequities in health, eco-social health, planetary health, ecosystem approaches to health, climate change, intergenerational climate equity, cumulative impacts of intensive resource extraction, Indigenous health and wellness, community participation, Patient-Oriented Research, critical pedagogy, public health, equity informed mixed methods evidence building, interplay between human, animal and ecosystem health, governance, structural and epistemic justice.
  • Angela Kaida Global health, epidemiology, HIV & sexual/reproductive health, antiretroviral therapy
  • Kelley Lee Global infectious disease governance, cross-border health measures and border management, pandemic preparedness and response, globalization and health, commercial determinants of health
  • John O'Neil Global health, Indigenous health systems, Southeast Asia, implementation and community-based health system research
  • Jeremy Snyder Public health ethics, medical tourism, vulnerable populations, health worker migration
  • Kate Tairyan Preventive medicine, global health, computer-assisted technology, knowledge translation
  • Rochelle Tucker Social psychology, adolescent mental health, social determinants of health, research methods