Tim Takaro

Professor Emeritus

Health Sciences

Tim Takaro

Professor Emeritus

Health Sciences

Areas of interest

Occupational & environmental health, toxicology, asthma, community-based interventions, health impacts of climate change, planetary health


  • BS, Biology, Yale College
  • MD/MPH, Epidemiology, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
  • MSc, Toxicology, University of Washington


Dr. Takaro is a physician-scientist trained in occupational and environmental medicine, public health and toxicology, at Yale, the University of North Carolina and University of Washington. His research is primarily directed toward the links between human exposures and disease, and determining public health based preventive solutions to such risks. His work includes use of biological and other markers for medical surveillance, exposure assessment, and disease susceptibility with a focus on immunologic lung disease, human health and war, clinical occupational and environmental health and population resiliency in the health effects of climate change. Current research on human health and climate change focus on water quality in BC communities and the interaction of cumulative exposures related to resource extraction and climate change.

Research interests

Dr. Takaro’s primary research areas focus on disease susceptibility factors in environmental and occupational health, particularly inflammatory lung conditions, including asthma, chronic beryllium disease and asbestosis. His approach as a researcher and physician has been to try to link laboratory biomarker innovations with public health practice including community-based interventions.

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  • The Impact of Climate Change on Drinking Water and Health
  • Preparing BC for Climate Change
  • Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS) – Students internships
  • Assessment of Beryllium Disease Risk in Pre-selected B.C. Industries
  • Health of Canadians in a Changing Climate: Evidence to Action
  • Protect the Planet Stop TMX

    Dr. Takaro is a lead researcher for the Canadian Healthy Infant Longitudinal Development (CHILD) study, and the rural Environmental Health Observatory (ECHO).

    He retired from the clinical practice at Occupational & Environmental Medicine Clinic at Vancouver General Hospital in 2020.

    Publications and activities

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