Research Assistant Opportunity - BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS

December 18, 2020

The Thrive project is a community-driven investigation of the home and community care needs and services available to older adults living with HIV/AIDS in British Columbia. The project is administered out of the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS. In this study, a team of academic researchers works alongside community researchers (who are older adults living with HIV themselves) to interview study participants, conduct data analysis and produce knowledge translation outputs for a diverse stakeholder audience, including community members, HIV and home care providers, community-based organizations, and policy makers. Our team is looking for a student who is interested to join our dynamic team to learn about community-based research and topics, such as: home and community care services for older adults, HIV and aging, stigma, and discrimination. The prospective student will join our team for the duration of January-May 2021, and will receive training in community-based research and qualitative data analysis with the aid of NVivo 12.0 software. We have developed a unique team-based participatory analysis process in which community researchers are involved equally not only in the data collection but also in the data analysis process. We will involve the student intern in the team coding and analysis sessions in NVivo, as well as provide an opportunity to translate research findings into peer-reviewed manuscripts and other knowledge translation materials according to individual interests. Joining our team will provide a student with hands-on experience of practicing community-based research, skills in qualitative research methods, and an opportunity to author a peer-reviewed manuscript. Interested applicants are asked to send their CV and a brief writing sample to


Surita Parashar, Ph.D. 

Research Scientist

BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS

Division of Epidemiology and Population Health