Job Opportunity - Research Coordinator, at School of Criminology, Simon Fraser University

May 01, 2024

**This is being posted on behalf of Dr. Alissa Greer. All queries should be sent to Dr. Alissa Greer at

 Research Coordinator

Salary range: $30-$38/hour, plus benefits (based on experience of the candidate)

Hours expected: 15-30 hours weekly (negotiable, full time work may be available)

Start date: June 30, 2024 (negotiable)

Length of position: 2 years (with possibility of extension)

Location: School of Criminology, Simon Fraser University (ability to work remotely


Position summary:

The Research Coordinator is responsible for coordinating and administering research study activities. They will conduct project planning, and ensure that the work scope, study protocol, ethics requirements, and roles of team members are followed. The role will work in collaboration with external research collaborators (Center for Mental Health and Addiction). This position serves as a principal administrative liaison and coordinator of all activities on the project and developing and maintaining recordkeeping systems and procedures for the project. This position takes on a leadership role on the project overall and will operate with minimal supervision but regular reporting/check-ins. The position will report to the Principal Investigators, Dr. Alissa Greer and Dr. Amanda Butler. The position will work with and provide supervision to 1-2 research assistants (graduate level) and meet and communicate with external collaborators and knowledge users.

Responsibilties and duties:

  • Project management: Plans, coordinates, and monitors the progress of research activities, including the study protocol, team procedures, and timeline. Ensures the smooth, timely, and efficient day-to-day operation of research and data collection activities.

  • Research and data collection activities: Execute activities associated with the collection, delivery, entry, verification, anonymization, analysis, and reporting. Day-to-day duties include: recruit and interview participants; manage transcription data and databases; code interview data; apply specialized analytic knowledge to qualitative data; contribute to scientific papers, funding proposals, conference abstracts, presentations, and other knowledge translation activities (as required by the investigators, funding agencies, and/or collaborators).

  • Administration: Develops and maintains records of research activities and protocols as they unfold, including the development and maintenance of recordkeeping and filing systems. Duties include overseeing the design of and version control for: consent forms, data collection forms, databases, coding frameworks, coding, and analyses.

  • Communication: Facilitate communication and collaboration across multiple arms, groups, collaborators, and team members. This will include coordinating and facilitating regular and productive research team meetings to correspond with the progress of the project.

  • Ethics management: Prepares and manages research ethics board applications, renewals, amendments, and violations; oversees ethical procedures on the project.

  • Advisory group: develop and maintain relationships and processes with the research advisory group (involving law enforcement representatives), including regular meetings and information sharing.

  • Supervision of staff: Coordinate and monitor staffing, capacity, and progress of research team members; recruiting and hiring new staff (e.g. graduate research assistant(s)), as necessary, and supports for their roles (e.g., hiring, check-in’s, administrative support, cash advances, payroll, etc.). Coordinates day-to-day activities of support staff, such as transcriptionists and student RAs, engaged in carrying out the research protocol [as needed i.e. interviews, data cleaning, coding].

  • Knowledge translation: Plan, coordinate and monitor the knowledge translation strategy and activities, including journal articles, conference abstracts, presentations, and other activities [as needed]. Duties may include developing slide decks and presenting these.

Qualifications and experience:

  • A graduate degree in social sciences, health sciences, or similar is required. PhD preferred.
  • Minimum 2 years of experience working in a research setting.
  • Minimum 1 year directly overseeing or coordinating research planning, analysis, and project management with stringent timelines.
  • Minimum 2 years of experience in qualitative research.
  • Strong literacy with word-processing, spreadsheets, and presentations software/programs (e.g., Word, PowerPoint), and qualitative data management software (e.g., NVivo).
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively in a team environment and independently, and thrive in a complex, fast-moving project

To apply:

  • CV (required)
  • Cover letter (required)
  • Examples of academic writing/publications (2 – required)
  • Professional or academic references (2 – required)

Application materials can be submitted to Dr. Alissa Greer at before the deadline of May 20, 2024