Top-Bottom, L-R: Jasmine Burmanmore, Jazmin Zastera, Ariana Esmail, Makyla Slater, Jody Tao, Priyanka Dhesa, Chloe Goodison, and Irena Janicijevic

FHS Fall 2020 Undergraduate Entrance Scholarship Recipients

October 06, 2020

Last month, about 350 new undergraduate students joined the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS). A number of these new students have received scholarships to help them begin their university education.

Jasmine Burmanmore: SFU Undergraduate Scholars Entrance Scholarship (with distinction)

Jasmine Burmanmore is a recent graduate from Pinetree Secondary School, who also attended the French-immersion program. When she moved to Australia in 2015, she enrolled in the Students of High Performance program where she participated in various science challenges. Burmanmore has been involved in her community from a young age, volunteering for clubs and organizations such as Me-to-We, UNICEF, and the Rohingya Refugee Resettlement Program to promote awareness on issues affecting children and refugees.

She hopes to learn more about how and what determines the health of populations in her FHS courses. Burmanmore hopes to study abroad in the United Kingdom, and possibly return there after her undergraduate degree to pursue medical school.

Jazmin Zastera: SFU Undergraduate Scholars Entrance Scholarship (with distinction)

Jazmin Zastera is a graduate of the IB diploma programme from United World College of South East Asia. At school, she was involved in her community through coaching gymnastics, producing dance shows, and assisting to coach the Special Olympics swim team.

After graduating from high school, Zastera interned with a women’s non-profit organization assisting workshops that built inclusive, culturally agile, and safe workplaces. She also interned with an online healthcare platform, informing and engaging the public on the management of chronic conditions from a South-Asian perspective. However, she felt her deepest learning experiences came through shadowing doctors on a medical mission in Myanmar.

At SFU, Zastera hopes to get involved in research and explore how health outcomes are shaped by the intersection between gender, healthcare systems, and education.

Ariana Esmail: SFU Undergraduate Scholars Entrance Scholarship (with distinction)

Ariana Esmail is a Burnaby Mountain Secondary graduate, with a focus on Health and Human Services. In her spare time, she is an avid reader of mysteries and fantasy novels, and can often be found hiking in nature. She also enjoys playing the piano, a love for which she has cultivated over eleven years of experience. Esmail is passionate about volunteering in her community, as she finds it incredibly self-fulfilling. She particularly enjoys working with isolated seniors, as they have both limited mobility and opportunities for social interaction.

Esmail has always been fascinated by the human body’s complexity and capacity to fight infection, and she hopes to explore these topics further. During her time at SFU, her goal is to delve deeper into the risk factors for disease acquisition, explore research opportunities, and form valuable connections with her peers and faculty.

Makyla Slater: SFU Undergraduate Scholars Entrance Scholarship (with distinction)

Makyla Slater is a  Seycove Secondary School graduate. During her spare time, she enjoys trail running, hiking, biking, practicing yoga and skiing during the winter. With nine years of experience as an Alpine ski racer, she works as a ski coach alongside a panel of highly accomplished women in ski racing with the initiative of keeping young girls in the sport.  She is an advocate for female athletes and hopes to create a more effective training and racing environment for girls to thrive. 

She has a passion for health and well-being, and a keen interest in the field of medicine. Slater has plans of majoring in Life Sciences and looks forward to learning more about the social science aspects of health.  She has dreams of one day becoming a doctor and hopes to apply to medical school.

Priyanka Dhesa: SFU Undergraduate Scholars Entrance Scholarship (with distinction)

Priyanka Dhesa is a Panorama Ridge Secondary School graduate. She was a part of the school’s leadership program and partook in a Community Leadership co-op. She was also engaged in various clubs and teams, including being an integral member of the Senior Girls’ soccer team. Dhesa is also involved outside of school, volunteering at the Surrey Food Bank, helping with her family’s business, and being a part of the Adopt-A-Street Program. 

She is passionate about working in public health to create policies and programs to assist marginalized populations and eradicate inequalities in health care. During her undergraduate degree, Priyanka aspires to contribute to health research and advance knowledge on disease trends and effective treatment. After completing her bachelor’s degree, Priyanka plans to pursue a master’s degree in public health to become a researcher in the field of infectious diseases and non-communicable diseases.

Jody Tao: SFU Undergraduate Scholars Entrance Scholarship (with distinction)

Jody Tao graduated from Burnaby North Secondary School. From meeting new people to getting involved in different extracurricular activities, she looks forward to becoming an engaged member of the SFU and FHS community. Aside from school, Jody is a certified piano teacher and a former national netball player. When she is not attempting to complete hard baking recipes, you can find her walking mountain trails with her family or learning how to code.

Tao’s previous involvement in the AP Capstone program led her to become interested in research. One of her dreams is to release a publication during her undergraduate education. In addition, she is fascinated by the world of healthcare and wants to learn more about and improve current healthcare systems. After graduation, she hopes to become a physician and create positive changes in the community.

Irena Janicijevic: Tadeusz Specht Memorial Scholarship in Health Sciences

Irena Janicijevic graduated from Pitt Meadows Secondary School in the French Immersion Program. When not in school, she could be found figure skating and volunteering with her local CanSkate Program teaching young children the fundamentals of skating. Her other hobbies include reading, baking, and hiking.

Janicijevic is passionate about public health. She hopes that learning about health will help her develop a deeper understanding of the human body, as well as the processes that go into controlling disease outbreaks. After graduation, Irena plans to apply to medical school with the goal of becoming a pediatrician.

Chloe Goodison: Tadeusz Specht Memorial Scholarship in Health Sciences

Chloe Goodison graduated from Heritage Woods Secondary. During her high school education, Goodison initiated her school’s first annual Orange Shirt Day, and was involved as a Red Cross Youth Facilitator. In her spare time, she is a rower, pianist, and a member of an anti-overdose & naloxone administration team. When she is not on the water or walking her dogs, she can be found working at a local recreation centre.

Goodison is passionate about public health, addiction/substance use, and Indigenous rights & reconciliation. By studying health sciences, she hopes to develop an interdisciplinary understanding of how social inequities play a part in the health of communities, and understand how she can remove barriers that are preventing higher states of health. After graduation, Goodison aims to work in public health or emergency response, and knows that FHS will equip her with the knowledge and the tools to do so.