MSc graduand Marco Zenone has been awarded the 2021 Graduate Dean’s Convocation Medal.

Engaged MSc graduand awarded 2021 Graduate Dean’s Convocation Medal

June 28, 2021

By Geron Malbas

Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) Master of Science graduand Marco Zenone completes his degree ready to continue contributing to innovative research. He is the 2021 recipient of the Graduate Dean's Convocation Medal, an annual award that recognizes graduating students that have accomplished outstanding academic achievements.

Throughout his time at SFU, Zenone has received multiple awards; notably, he was named one of Surrey Board of Trade’s 2018 Top 25 Under 25, named a winner of the 2019 International Policy Ideas Challenge, and received a Mowafaghian Child Health Practice & Research Award. He worked with numerous FHS and SFU faculty members, crediting Jeremy Snyder, Valorie Crooks, Kelley Lee, Diego Silva, Julia Smith, and Paola Ardiles for their encouragement and mentorship on multiple research projects

Zenone has been a leader among the student population: he was the President of the Health Sciences Undergraduate Student Union, elected as a student representative on the Faculty Executive Council, and acted as Co-chair of the Student Health Advisory Committee. Working closely with the SFU and FHS community, he advises students to value a curiosity-driven mindset and uncertainty.

“There is room for failure – take risks, challenge yourself, and learn to embrace uncertainty; If there is something you want to pursue or brings you joy – pursue it,” he explains. “Embrace your individual achievements and avoid comparing yourself to others – there is room for everyone and we’re on a shared mission. Take care of yourself and remember nothing is more valuable that your wellbeing.”

With his MSc completed, Zenone continues to engage in research. He joined the University of British Columbia as a research associate focusing on the mental health of young persons in B.C., and is currently pursuing his PhD at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, seeking to critically analyze social media corporate actions, including harms, public health implications, and opportunities.