Pride Month: a conversation with the Roundtable

June 25, 2021

On June 17, 2021, FHS assistant professor Travis Salway moderated a conversation with the 2SLGBTQ+ Roundtable, a community-based health research collaborative. This group of investigators and advocates shared stories of resilience in the 2SLGBTQ+ community during the COVID-19 pandemic, and discussed what cues and calls to action the cisgendered heterosexual majority might consider undertaking to be supportive. 

Read the transcript of the conversation here. 


Travis Salway


Dr. Salway is a social epidemiologist whose research investigates population health inequities in the context of stigma. He joined SFU Faculty of Health Sciences in 2019, coming with 18 years of experience working with sexual minority (lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer) communities to inform and improve public health interventions. Research and interests

A. J. Lowik

A.J. LOWIK (they/them)

A.J. is a PhD Candidate at UBC, a Gender Equity Advisor at the Centre for Gender and Sexual Health Equity, and a Graduate Academic Assistant at the BC Centre on Substance.

Jae Ford

JAE FORD (they/them)

Jae is a public health medical resident at UBC, currently doing a practicum with the MindMap BC team, investigating safety and inclusion for Two-Spirit people, locally.

Milo Offerein-Alder


Milo is a coordinator of a program supporting trans, intersex, and gender diverse people in the Interior of the province. 

Anoop Gill

ANOOP GILL (she/her)

Anoop is the co-executive director of QMUNITY, overseeing community programming, social services, counselling, etc.

Brittany Clark-Wakefield


Brittany is a mental health counsellor for Nanki Nezulne (Our Two Spirits) at Carrier Sekani Family Services in northern BC.


Gwen Lister

GWEN LISTER (she/her/they/them)

Gwen is a Concurrent Disorders Counselor at Three Bridges Substance Use Services in Vancouver.



MindMap BC:


Mentioned in the conversation

Four Feathers Society  |  Two Spirit Society of BC:

Gender Outlaws (peer support) -

House of Commons Bill C-6:

QMUNITY Peer Groups -

Rural Divisions of Family Practice -


Additional Resources

Pruden H. Transgender: a reference handbook. Two-Spirit Conversations and Work: Subtle and at the Same Time Radically Different. 01/01/2019:134-137. ABC-CLIO Greenwood.

Pruden H. Two-Spirit Reconcilia(a)tion in Research: Culturally Accounting for & Affirming Two-Spirit People & Communities in Surveys. Centre for Gender and Sexual Health Equity. 18/03/2021:

Meet the Methods Series: “What and who is Two-Spirit?” in Health Research:




SFU Library has a great resource whether you’re learning about 2S/LGBTQ+ issues for the first time or are ready to level up in becoming an ally: