Meet BSc Honours & Co-op Student: Sarah Chae

February 16, 2023

By: Mila Maksimovic

Sarah Chae

Meet Sarah Chae, Faculty of Health Sciences Honours student pursuing  her Bachelor of Sciences in the Public Health and Data stream. She is also a Kinesiology Minor, currently doing an honors thesis with BC Cancer. Chae recently completed four Co-op work terms and will be awarded a Co-operative Education degree designation. We interviewed Chae to learn more about her Co-op journey. 

Chae joined Co-op in Fall 2020, in aims to integrate her academics to a work opportunity, with a specific goal to get research exposure. She completed her first Co-op with the UBC division of respiratory medicine as a Research Assistant. One of the highlights of this opportunity was leading a focus group study and later presenting her findings at a nationwide conference.

 She continued onto another role with Fraser Health and Quality Improvement as an Assistant Coordinator. During her time, Chae got to fill in the Senior Coordinator role where she managed the quality improvement initiatives at the Abbotsford Regional Hospital, Cancer Centre and a Long-Term Care site for several months. Throughout her Co-op journey, Chae has made many meaningful connections, and to this day continues to be affiliated with both work experiences. 

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